Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

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Poems (1830-89) [HC]
Some of Tennyson's more famous works are The Lady of Shallot, The Lotos-Eaters, and The Charge of the Light Brigade.
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  • Paperback edition of The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson (Wordsworth Editions Ltd, 1998, 688 pg).
  • Audio CD edition of The Great Poets: Alfred Lord Tennyson. Read by Michael Pennington (Naxos AudioBooks, 2009).
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  • Quadrature of the Parabola, On the
    Quantum Theory, Origin and Development of the
    Quarters, Close
    Queene, The Faerie
    Quixote, Don
    Quran, The
    Race and Culture
    Radical Empiricism, Essays in
    Rainbow, The
    Ramayana, The
    Rameau's Nephew
    Rape of Lucrece, The
    Rape of the Lock
    Rappaccini's Daughter
    Rat Man, The
    Raven, The
    Read a Book; How to
    Reason, Critique of Practical
    Reason, Critique of Pure
    Reason, The Life of
    Rebel, The
    Reckoner, The Sand-
    Red Badge of Courage, The
    Red and the Black, The
    Red Death, The Masque of the
    Reduction, Instruments of
    Reflection, Aids to
    Reflections on the Revolution in France
    Refutations, On Sophistical
    Regained, Paradise
    Regimen in Acute Diseases, On
    Relativity, The Meaning of
    Religio Medici
    Religion, Dialogues Concerning Natural
    Religion, Institutes of the Christian
    Religion, The Two Sources of Morality and
    Religious Affections, Treatise Concerning
    Religious Experience, The Varieties of
    Remedia Amoris
    Remedies for Love
    Remembrance of Things Past
    Reminiscence, On Memory and
    Replies, Objections Against the Meditations and
    Representative Government
    Representative Men
    Republic, The
    Researches in Electricity, Experimental
    Return of the Native, The
    Revolution, The State and
    Revolution in France, Reflections on the
    Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, On the
    Rex, Oedipus
    Richard the Second, King
    Richard the Third, King
    Right, Philosophy of
    Right, The Science of
    Rights, Civil
    Rights of Man, The
    Rights of Men and Natural Law, The
    Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    Rings, The Book of Five
    Rings, The Lord of the
    Rip Van Winkle
    Rises, The Sun Also
    Rites of Passage
    Road to Serfdom, The
    Robert Levet, On the Death of Dr.
    Robinson Crusoe
    Roland, The Song of
    Roman Empire, Decline and Fall of the
    Romans, Lives of the Noble Grecians and
    Rome, History of
    Romeo and Juliet
    Room of One's Own, A
    Rothschild's Fiddle
    Rubaiyat, The
    Rue Morgue, The Murders in the
    Rule of St. Benedict, The
    Rules for the Direction of the Mind

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