Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

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List of Works

Poems (1830-89) [HC]
Some of Tennyson's more famous works are The Lady of Shallot, The Lotos-Eaters, and The Charge of the Light Brigade.
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  • Audio CD edition of The Great Poets: Alfred Lord Tennyson. Read by Michael Pennington (Naxos AudioBooks, 2009).
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  • Habits and Will
    Hades, Discourse to the Greeks Concerning
    Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
    Hammurabi's Code
    Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates
    Hard Times
    Harmonies of the World, Concerning the
    Head, On Injuries of the
    Heart, A Simple
    Heart, The Tell-Tale
    Heart and Blood in Animals, On the Motion of the
    Heart of Darkness
    Heartbreak House
    Heat, Analytical Theory of
    Heavenly Spheres, On the Revolutions of the
    Heavens, On the
    Hebrides, Journal of a Tour to the
    Hedda Gabler
    Heights, Wuthering
    Heloise, Letters of Abelard and
    Hemorrhoids, On
    Henry Adams, The Education of
    Henry the Fourth, The First Part of King
    Henry the Fourth, The Second Part of King
    Henry the Fifth, King
    Henry the Sixth, The First Part of King
    Henry the Sixth, The Second Part of King
    Henry the Sixth, The Third Part of King
    Henry the Eighth, King
    Heracleidae, The
    Heracles, Shield of
    Herbert, The Life of Mr. George
    Heredity and its Variability
    Hermas, The Shepherd of
    Herodotus, Letter to
    Himself, The Doctor in Spite of
    Hints Towards an Essay on Conversation
    Histories (Herodotus)
    Histories (Tacitus)
    History, Ecclesiastical
    History, Lectures on the Philosophy of
    History, A Study of
    History, The True
    History, The Way to Write
    History of Animals, The
    History of a Candle, Chemical
    History of the English-Speaking Peoples
    History of the Peloponnesian War
    History of the Persian War
    History of Rome
    Hobbit, The
    Horsemanship, On the Art of
    Hospitator, The Legend of Saint Julian
    Hostel, The Destruction of Dá Derga's
    House, Bleak
    House, A Doll's
    House, Heartbreak
    House of the Seven Gables, The
    House of Usher, The Fall of the
    How to Read a Book
    How We Think
    Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of
    Human Knowledge, The Principles of
    Human Knowledge, Its Scope and Limits
    Human Nature, A Treatise of
    Human Understanding, Essay Concerning (Locke)
    Human Understanding, New Essays Concerning (Leibniz)
    Human Understanding, An Inquiry Concerning
    Human Wishes, The Vanity of
    Humanism, True
    Hunchback of Notre Dame, The
    Hunger Artist, A
    Hunting, On
    Hunting of the Snark, The
    Hunting Song, A
    Hyde, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
    Hymn, The Secular
    Hypochondriac, The
    Hypothesis, Science and
    Hysteria, Selected Papers on

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