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Author - Alphabetical   Hermann Hesse (1877-1962)  
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Edwards, Jonathan
Einstein, Albert
Eliot, George
Eliot, T.S.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Engels, Friedrich
Erasmus, Desiderius
Eusebius of Caesarea
Faraday, Michael
Faulkner, William
Ferdowsi Tousi, Hakim Abol Qasem
Fielding, Henry
Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Flaccus, Quintus Horatius
Flaubert, Gustave
Fourier, Jean Baptiste Joseph
St. Francis of Assisi
Franklin, Benjamin
Freud, Sigmund
Frost, Robert
Gibbon, Edward
Gilbert, William
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Gogol, Nikolai
Gordon, George (Lord Byron)
Hamilton, Alexander
Hardy, Thomas
Harvey, William
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Hayek, Friedrich
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
Hemingway, Ernest
Hesse, Hermann
Hobbes, Thomas
Hoby, Sir Thomas
Holmes, Jr., Oliver Wendell
Hooker, Richard
Hugo, Victor
Hume, David
Huxley, Aldous
Huygens, Christian


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List of Works
[The Glass Bead Game]   [Siddhartha]   [Steppenwolf]  
For more information about Hermann Hesse, visit the Hermann Hesse Home Page (site in both English and German).

The Glass Bead Game (1943)
  • No known online texts

    Available at Amazon.Com:
  • Hardcover edition, translated by Richard and Clara Winston (Peter Smith Pub, 1992).
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Siddhartha (1922)
  • HTML (244 KB; 85 KB zipped; plain text also available) at Project Gutenberg (several translators)
  • German Text File (227 KB; 85 KB zipped) at Project Gutenberg

    Available at Amazon.Com:
  • Hardcover edition, translated by Hilda Rosner (New Directions, 1951).
  • Paperback edition, translated by Sherab Chodzin Kohn (Shambhala Pubns, 2000).
  • Paperback edition, translated by Hilda Rosner (Bantam Classic and Loveswept, 1982, 152 pg).
  • German/English Paperback edition, translation by Stanley Appelbaum (Dover Pubns, 1998, 176 pg).
  • Audio Cassette edition, abridged, translator unknown, read by Derek Jacobi (Audio Partners, 1998).
  • Audio CD edition, unabridged, translated by Sherab Chodzin Kohn, read by Baron Christian (Shambhala Audio, 2008).
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Steppenwolf (1927)
  • No known online texts

    Available at Amazon.Com:
  • Paperback edition, translated by Basil Creighton (Picador, 2002, 224 pg).
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