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Author - Alphabetical   Herodotus (c. 484-425 BC)  
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Alighieri, Dante
St. Augustine of Hippo
Aurelius, Marcus
Bacon, Francis
Cervantes, Miguel de
Chaucer, Geoffrey
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Copernicus, Nicolaus
Dante Alighieri
Darwin, Charles
Descartes, Rene
Fielding, Henry
Freud, Sigmund
Gibbon, Edward
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Hamilton, Alexander
Harvey, William
Hobbes, Thomas
Hume, David
James, William
Jay, John
Jefferson, Thomas
Kant, Immanuel
Locke, John
Machiavelli, Nicolò
Madison, James
Marcus Aurelius
Mill, John Stuart
Milton, John
Montaigne, Michel de
Montesquieu, Baron de
Newton, Sir Isaac
Pascal, Blaise
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Secondat, Charles-Louis de (Montesquieu)
Shakespeare, William
Smith, Adam
Swift, Jonathan
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Wordsworth, William


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List of Works
[History of the Persian War]  

History of the Persian War (or, The Histories) (440 BC) [GBF,GBWW,HC,HTR]
  • English/Greek HTML (Multi-page, indexed) at Perseus/Tufts (Translation by A.D. Godley)
  • HTML (9 pages, 162-299K) at MIT Classics Archive (Translated by George Rawlinson)
  • HTML (9 pages, indexed) at Project Gutenberg (Translated by George Campbell Macaulay)
  • Text file in two volumes at Project Gutenberg (Translated by George Campbell Macaulay)
    Vol. 1 (889KB; 322KB zipped)
    Vol. 2 (829KB; 297KB zipped)

    Available at Amazon.Com:
  • Greek/English Hardcover edition in four volumes, translation by A.D. Godley (Harvard Univ Pr):
    Vol. 1 - Books I-II (1986)
    Vol. 2 - Books III-IV (1921)
    Vol. 3 - Books V-VII (1922)
    Vol. 4 - Books VIII-IX (1924)
  • Paperback edition, translated by Robin A. Waterfield (Oxford Univ Pr, 1999, 840 pg).
  • Paperback edition, translated by David Grene (Univ of Chicago Pr, 1988, 700 pg).
  • Paperback edition, translated by Henry Cary (Prometheus Books, 1992, 621 pg).
  • Audio CD edition, abridged, read by Roy Marsden (Naxos Audio Books, 1996).
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