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Due to large volumes of junk mail and SPAM coming in to these addresses, I have disabled the hyperlinks and reformatted the addresses in an attempt to prevent more SPAMbots from harvesting them. I apologize for the inconvenience. I hope to get a contact form set up on this page at some point in the future.

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Please - DO NOT suggest any book which you or someone else has recently written. This site is for Great Books and classics, and there is simply no way that a new book can be considered a classic, let alone a Great Book.

Some of you might be wondering why I felt the need to state the patently obvious. Well, apparently this is NOT obvious to far too many people. I have had dozens of people ask me to add their brand-new book to my site, and the most recent one could not understand why I wouldn't just read his book and judge for myself whether it was "Great", even after I tried - twice - to explain why it doesn't work that way.

Up until now I have not had any explicit, "set in stone" rules for suggestions, but after this last incident I'm formalizing two of my rules-of-thumb. I will not even consider any suggestions where:

  1. The work was written or first published within the last ten years; or
  2. The person suggesting the work is also its author.

All suggestions which fall under one or both of these categories will be deleted without reply. Note that this DOES NOT apply to new translations or editions of older works, only to newly-authored works.

J. Alfred Prufrock, The Love Song of
Jail, Letter from Birmingham
Jane Eyre
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Strange Case of Dr.
Jewish War, The
Jews, Antiquities of the
Joan, Saint
John, King
Johnson (Stella), On the Death of Esther
Johnson, Life of
Joints, On
Jonathan Swift
Jones, Tom
Joseph Andrews
Joseph and his Brothers
Journal to Stella
Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides
Journal (Emerson)
Journals (Wesley)
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Journey Through France and Italy, A Sentimental
Jude the Obscure
Judgement, Critique of
Judgment, The
Julian Hospitator, The Legend of Saint
Juliet, Romeo and
Julius Caesar
Jungle, The Beast in the
Jungle Book, The
Kapital, Das
Karamazov, The Brothers
King Arthur's Court, A Connecticut Yankee in
King Henry the Fourth, The First Part of
King Henry the Fourth, The Second Part of
King Henry the Fifth
King Henry the Sixth, The First Part of
King Henry the Sixth, The Second Part of
King Henry the Sixth, The Third Part of
King Henry the Eighth
King John
King Lear
King Richard the Second
King Richard the Third
Knight of Faith, The
Knights, The
Knowledge, The Degrees of
Knowledge, The Principles of Human
Knowledge of the External World, Our
Knowledge, Its Scope and Limits; Human
Knowledge and Decisions
Koran, The
Kubla Khan
Kural, The

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