Confucius (c. 551-479 BC)

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List of Works

Analects (c. 500 BC) [HC]
  • HTML (Single page, 131 KB, with commentary) at Charles Muller's East Asian Language and Thought Page (Translated by Charles Muller)
  • Multi-format (HTML, EPUB, Kindle, Text) at Project Gutenberg (Translated by James Legge)

    Available at Amazon.Com:
  • Hardcover edition, translated by Arthur Waley (Knopf, 2001, 304 pg).
  • Paperback edition, translated by D.C. Lau (Penguin USA, 1979, 256 pg).
  • Paperback edition, translated by Arthur Waley (Vintage Books, 1989, 257 pg).
  • Paperback edition, translated by Chichung Huang (Oxford univ Pr, 1997, 192 pg).
  • Thrift Paperback edition, translated by William E. Soothill (Dover, 1995, 128 pg).
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Epic of Gilgamesh (c. 2000?-1400? BC)
The Vedas (c. 2000?-200 BC)
Code of Hammurabi (c. 1700? BC)
(Old Testament) (c. 1400?-300? BC)
Iliad (c. 850? BC)
Odyssey (c. 850? BC)
The Upanishads (c. 800?-400? BC)
Shield of Heracles (c. 700? BC)
Theogony (c. 700? BC)
The Works and Days (c. 700? BC)
The Spartan Creed (c. 650? BC)
The Ramayana (c. 600? BC)
The Mahabharata (c. 540-300 BC)
Analects (Confucius) (c. 500 BC)
Tao Te Ching (c. 500 BC)
Nemean Odes (c. 476? BC)
Olympian Odes (c. 476 BC)
The Persians (472 BC)
Pythian Odes (c. 470 BC)
Seven Against Thebes (467 BC)
The Suppliant Maidens (Aeschylus) (463 BC)
Agamemnon (458 BC)
The Eumenides (458 BC)
Isthmian Odes (c. 458? BC)
The Oresteia (458-450 BC)
The Choephori (450 BC)
Rhesus (450 BC)

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