Volumes 32-33
Volume 32
  • John Milton
    • Minor Poems
      • Poems:
        • On the Morning of Christ's Nativity
        • The Hymn
        • A Paraphrase on Psalm 114
        • Psalm 136
        • The Passion
        • On Time
        • Upon the Circumcision
        • At a Solemn Musick
        • An Epitaph on the Marchioness of Winchester
        • Song on May morning
        • On Shakespear. 1630
        • On the University Carrier
        • Another on the same
        • L'Allegro
        • Il Penseroso
        • Arcades
        • Lycidas
        • Comus
        • On the Death of a Fair Infant
        • At a Vacation Exercise
        • The Fifth Ode of Horace. Lib.I
      • Sonnets:
        • VII-XIX
        • On the new forcers of Conscience under the Long Parliament
        • On the Lord Gen. Fairfax at the siege of Colchester
        • To the Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652
        • To Sr Henry Vane the younger
        • To Mr. Cyriack Skinner upon his Blindness
Volume 32 (cont.)
Volume 33
  • Blaise Pascal
    • The Provincial Letters
    • Pensées (or, Thoughts)
    • Scientific Treatises
      • Preface to the Treatise on the Vacuum
      • New Experiments Concerning the Vacuum
      • Account of the Great Experiment Concerning the Equilibrium of Fluids
      • Treatises on the Equilibrium of Liquids and on the Weight of the Mass of the Air
      • On Geometrical Demonstration
      • Treatise on the Arithmetical Triangle
      • Correspondence with Fermat on the Theory of Probabilities

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