Essays Moral and Political
Author: David Hume
In collection: HTR
The History of Economic Thought website has a thorough analysis of Hume's essays and their publication history. I would not have been able to puzzle out exactly what was part of which without their analysis.

The 1741 edition of the Essays, Moral and Political included the following essays:

  1. On the Delicacy of Taste and Passion
  2. On the Liberty of the Press
  3. Of Impudence and Modesty (later suppressed in 1764)
  4. That Politics may be Reduced to a Science
  5. Of the First Principles of Government
  6. Of Love and Marriage (later suppressed in 1764)
  7. Of the Study of History (later suppressed in 1764)
  8. Of the Independency of Parliament
  9. Whether the British Government inclines more to absolute Monarchy, or to a Republic
  10. Of Parties in general
  11. Of the Parties of Great Britain
  12. Of Superstition and Enthusiasm
  13. Of Avarice (later suppressed in 1764)
  14. Of the Dignity of Human Nature (re-titled Of the Dignity or Meanness of Human Nature in 1770)
  15. Of Liberty and Despotism (re-titled Of Civil Liberty in 1758)

Part two of this work, published in 1742, included the following essays:

  1. Of Essay-Writing (withdrawn from the 1748 edition and suppressed)
  2. Of Eloquence
  3. Of Moral Prejudices (withdrawn from the 1748 edition and suppressed)
  4. Of the Middle Station of Life (withdrawn from the 1748 edition and suppressed)
  5. Of the Rise and Progress of Arts and Sciences
  6. The Epicurean * -or the man of elegance and pleasure
  7. The Stoic * -or the man of action and virtue
  8. The Platonist * -or the man of contemplation and philosophical devotion
  9. The Skeptic
  10. Of Polygamy and Divorces
  11. Of Simplicity and Refinement in Writing
  12. A Character of Sir Robert Walpole (reduced to footnote in the 1748 edition; suppressed in 1770)

The final supplement, published in 1748, included the following essays:

  1. Of National Characters
  2. Of the Original Contract
  3. Of Passive Obedience

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